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Mobile service
in shreveport


If mobile services is what you're looking for, we can come to your home or office. Need same day service? Just call or text. We will try our best to get you in, we understand. No cash on hand? Make your payment securely with our Chase Business card reader and get your receipt instantly. 

Expert Service

If you're interested in a professional car detailing service that gives personal attention to the needs of your vehicle. Look no further! We supply all the equipment necessary to detail your vehicle. We also invest in the best products to give you the best results. Our commitment is to provide excellent service and great work. Let us tackle that interior or just make it easier for you to maintain it in the future. We also can set up a maintenance plan for your vehicle so it will always look its best. We're here to service your need.

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Express Detail
Cars : $150
Trucks, Vans, & SUV's : $250

Full Detail - 
Cars : $200
Trucks, Vans, & SUV's : $350

Interior Detail 


Thorough vacuuming to remove surface and embedded dirt, debris, pet hair, etc. of upholstery and carpet.

Dash, Vents, Doors, Console, Cupholders

Cleaned and protected

Carpet, Leather, Upholstery

Use of shampooing, steaming, and extraction to clean, sanitize, and protect.

Sanitize, Disinfect, & Odor Removal
Kills viruses, bacteria, and germs. Also removes cigarette smoke, pet odor, mold, and any unpleasant odors from interior that can't be reached through cleaning.
$60 ozone treatment


The price for services increase if interior has heavy soiling, stains, if mold is present, pet hair and stains, odor removal, etc. If you have allergies, no problem. I can use steam and allergy friendly cleaners with no dyes, odors, and harsh chemicals.

Exterior Services 


Hand wash and decontaminate paint, clean wheels, tires, apply tire dressing


Apply Wax or Sealant - extends the life of your paint by protecting against uv rays, moisture, and contaminants. Water will bead up on vehicle.


Buff/Polish paint - restores gloss and makes paint more reflective and shiny by removing surface scratches

Paint Coatings
Top Level protection for your car! 
(Lasts Years when properly maintained)
Starting as low as $550

Get Your Car Detailed Now!
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